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Working together to
conserve bats and their
habitat in Colorado

Our Mission

Colorado Bat Watch is a collaborative effort to study and conserve bats. You can get involved as a community scientist!

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Little brown bat in flight

Little Brown Bat

A long-eared myotis in flight with its prey

Long-eared myotis

Help us find out where bats are roosting. Roost sites provide a safe place for bats to mate, raise their young, and hibernate. Monitoring and protecting bats at roost sites can help conserve bat populations. You can help by sharing your observations of bats.

Roost of pallid bats between some wooden beams

Pallid bats

Help us monitor bat colonies by volunteering to count bats. Sign up now to be informed when we begin to recruit and train volunteers. You will collect data that will improve the state of knowledge on bat populations, and inform efforts to address emerging threats to bats across Colorado.

An adult male eastern red bat portrait

Eastern red bat

When we protect bats, we protect the health of our communities, our ecosystems, and our crops. Unfortunately, bats in the U.S. currently face many threats and need our help. Become a Bat Ambassador and take action to help bats in Colorado.

Pallid bat with a long-horned grasshopper in its mouth

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Hoary bat in flight

Hoary bat

Tri-colored bat arousing from hibernation

Tri-colored bat

Spotted bat clinging to a cliff face

Spotted bat

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