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Silver-haired bat portrait

Silver-haired bat

Become a Bat Ambassador

Adopt a Bat

Proceeds will support Colorado Bat Watch. Your donation will help us pay for the equipment volunteers need to monitor a bat colony, maintenance of the bat observations database, and research and conservation efforts.

Adoptions only cost $35. Adoptions include an adorable plush little brown bat, a Bat Ambassador sticker or magnet, and a personalized e-certificate of adoption. 

Plush little brown bat
Plush little brown bat that comes with a bat adoption

Bring Bats to Your Backyard

Why would you want bats in your backyard?

Bats are important to your local ecosystem and they can help control those pesky mosquitoes and moths! Making your backyard bat-friendly is another great way to support bats.

Bat man bat house
Batman bat house, courtesy of Jeffrey Cohen (CC BY-NC-ND)

Follow these easy steps to attract bats to your backyard

• Plant native plants

Native plants attract native insects that are food for bats. A guide for gardening for bats can be found on Bat Conservation International’s webpage here.

• Install a bat house

A bat house gives bats a reliable shelter, and allows you to observe their cool behavior! You can build your bat house or buy a bat house. Resources and design plans for building a bat house can be found on Bat Conservation International’s webpage here.

• Don’t tear down that dead tree

Bats use dead trees as a hangout spot! They love tree hollows or the narrow spaces between branches. As long as your tree is not a safety or property concern, think about letting it become a home for bats and other creatures.

Don’t use pesticides

Remember, bats love to eat bugs! They also eat a ton of them! They can act as natural pest control for your backyard and neighborhood. Using pesticides or remedial timber treatment agents can be very poisonous to bats, so it is best to avoid them.

Keep your cats inside

Cats are major threats to bats. Keeping your cat inside will avoid bat casualties, protect birds and other wildlife, and keep cats safe from injury, predation, and disease.  

Following these tips will help ensure that your backyard is a great place for bats to make a home!


There are no upcoming Colorado Bat Watch events scheduled at this time. Check back regularly or join our email list to find out about future events.